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In order to meet school requests to optimize instruction time, we’ll be delivering our programs only in schools beginning in the Fall of 2017. As you complete the Program Request below, please note you will be requesting the date and time that an RCC educator will come to your facility.

Program Requests are simple. Here are the steps you'll take:

  • Step 1: Start by picking a date and time that works for you - Please have a back-up in case the date & time requested is unable to be fulfilled 
  • Step 2: Complete your Contact/School information
  • Step 3: Choose the Program Area & Grade you’d like to schedule
  • Step 4: Choose the specific Class you’d like to schedule
  • Step 5: Tell us how many students we’ll be teaching
  • Step 6: Check Out
  • Step 7: Once your request is processed, we'll email you a confirmation of your date & time
Cannot reserve in the past. Please check your date and time.
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